Selected Audiovisual Work, Performances, Exhibitions

D/S Havskaaren, Artistic advisor for an installation and performance project by Camilla Vatne Barratt-Due, Villa Lofoten (postponed)

Morning Beats Oslo, Audiovisual performance as fantasy kitchens with mxwx (March 2021)

NMF x TOPLAP Berlin Algorave, Audiovisual performance as the animalizer with mxwx & hellocatfood (July 2020)

Eulerroom Equinox, Audiovisual performance as the animalizer with mxwx & hellocatfood (March 2020)

Solo improvisation, 24 Gauche, Espace Projet, Montreal (September 2013)

Solo improvisation, Ertegun House, Oxford (February 2013)

Duo improvisation with Alain Lefebvre, Wilder et Davis Luthiers, Montreal (August 2012)

Hotel California, Social intervention with Lauren Mannigel, Delta School, The Hague (April 2010)

there will always be a you, Audio composition for Wave Field Synthesis, Scheltema, Leiden (March 2009)

malieveld, Audio composition, Arnold Schoenbergzaal, The Hague (January 2009)

occupation sonore, Social intervention with Lauren Mannigel, Galérie CDEX, Montreal (November 2007)

Rainbow Prototype, Installation with Kyd Campbell, Tiny Noise Festival, Montreal (September 2007)

Duo audiovisual improvisation with David McCallum, Société des Arts Technologiques, Montreal (August 2007)

Sky Line, Audiovisual installation, Concordia University Faculty of Fine Arts, Montreal (June 2007)

I feel for you, Video installation, Concordia University, Montreal (March 2007)

burst, Video installation, Zoobizarre, Montreal (March 2007)

gloss minor, In Atoms and Errors: Digital and Post-Digital Audio by Canadian Artists, curated by Phil Thomson, (March 2006)

fauvist wanton oh, Audio performance, VIVO Centre for Media Arts, Vancouver (September 2005)

immerser, Audio installation, Faucet Media Arts, Sackville (June 2005)

Solo and trio improvisations with Jeremy Rotsztain and Ben Bogart, Tranzac Club, Toronto (April 2005)

gloss, Audio performance, Signal and Noise Festival, VIVO Center for Media Arts, Vancouver (April 2005)

seed comma axiom, kikapu 80 (July 2005)

Duo improvisation with Phil Thomson, Blim Gallery, Vancouver (February 2005)

endoftime, (February 2004)

miniatures, notype/nishi 29 (April 2003)

the body without organs, Performance series with Michael Doerksen and Arlen Thompson, Pasalymany, Montreal (October-November 2002)